Dear Potential Seller,

The People Fund is an investor group.  We have 1 major shareholder - the Maly Family.  And 2 minority shareholders (McCarty Family and Ridenour Family).  Together we own & operate the businesses we have acquired.

We invest specifically in Independent Dealers of ... Industrial Safety products.

We understand that your Exit Planning is a delicate topic.  For that reason we will honor these conversations with privacy and confidentiality.

This letter is written to personally connect with you!  We want to open the line of communication.

We realize you have built a very nice business. You have earned the loyalty of your customers, the respect of your peers and the trust of your employees. You deserve to be proud of this!

We also know at some point you will consider your Exit Plan.  When this time comes, we simply want to be on your call list.  We will gladly discuss your goals for a Merger or Acquisition.

The Maly Family has made 30+ acquisitions and private investments in the last 25 years.  We are willing and able to consider many different types of structures and transactions.

Please contact our Business Development Partner anytime.

Call Chris McCarty at (661) 904-4890.



John Maly

The People Fund, LLC